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Followers is a minimalist, 1st person game that tells a story without dialogue.

Followers explores themes of cyber bullying within a school environment, by allowing the player to interact with their peers through social media.

Followers is designed to be played more than once. Explore the choices you can make and the consequences of these choices.

Artist's Statement

"The concept of bullying is interesting. The problem with it does not lie in its content, nor its context. It lies in its mere existence.

By breaking apart this concept into its simplest form, an exploration in to its nature can be conducted. Give people content or context, and its nature can be manipulated. Stripped away, people are left with an honest experience.

Sometimes, less is more."


  • NPCs that react to your decisions!
  • 3 endings to discover!


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Jack Wells

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Followers.zip 34 MB


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Nice game!